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2017 National - Judging Panel

Breed: Carol Grossman -NV
Bitches: Phil Gray - IN
Dogs: Warren Benoit - LA
Jeff Lawrence - IN
Patrice Lawrence - IN

Reminder from the GDCA Internet Chair

Be sure to send your 2015 GDCA National winner photos to the Internet Chairman to be added to the National History Album. List dogs name and what achievement was earned.

IMPORTANT: Check Out Pet "Lemon Law" Sites By State
Genetic investigation of wobbler syndrome in Great Danes

From the GDCA Board
Exciting Announcement for Continuous Fundraising

     Help Us Every Time You Shop at Amazon.com
     Amazon has a wonderful program called 'Amazon Smile', which contributes 0.5% back to charitable organizations that have registered with their program. The Charitable Trust just recently registered and you can help us and our Danes every time you shop at Amazon. When you are ready to shop, please go to this link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/36-4436942
     This link is assigned to the GDCA CT and once you go to this link, sign into your Amazon account as usual to begin shopping, or if it is your first time shopping with Amazon, follow the prompts to create an account. Just that easy, just that quick!
     Please share this with all of your "non-dog" friends as well. As we get contributions back from Amazon, we will keep everyone posted on how well the program is doing.

Researching Your Pedigree
  *  Do you breed your Great Danes?
  *  Do you exhibit your Great Danes?
  *  Are you interested in researching how your Dane's pedigree may blend with another?
Glenn Beech, of Australia, developed and maintains a program that is a great resource for breeders: http://www.quintessa.net.au/Databases/search.html

Thank you in advance for shopping online, til you drop!

Love is in the Air

Great Dane Breeders
The GDCA has a Code of Ethics enjoins all breeders and requires its members to abide by certain practices designed to preserve and improve the breed and protect the Great Dane puppy buyer. Among them is a requirement that breeders be fully up to date on the latest in genetics and strive to eliminate hereditary defects in the breed. ¬†The best place to obtain a well-bred Great Dane is from a reputable breeder. The key here is “reputable”. At all costs, avoid backyard breeders, on-line brokers and puppy mills, who work with poor quality bloodlines which may be genetically prone to a host of health problems.

Purchasing a Great Dane Puppy
Great Danes make wonderful family pets for a household which wants a large, affectionate short-haired breed who will offer a measure of protection. They are a very people-oriented breed and need to be a part of the family. Great Danes do not do well in kennel situations or where they are exclusively outdoor dogs. They need and crave human companionship. Great Danes are loving, easy to housebreak, simple to groom, and of average intelligence. The Great Dane Club of America's web site provides additional information about purchasing a Great Dane Puppy.
Great Dane Health and Research
Bloat - is the number one killer of Great Danes & Great Danes are the #1 breed at risk for bloat. For reasons not fully understood, in certain deep-chested breeds in particular, the stomach distends, then has a tendency to rotate, which cuts off the blood supply to various parts of the body, as well as effectively shutting down digestion. This condition is extremely painful as well as a true emergency that is rapidly life threatening. A dog with a bloated, twisted stomach (technically called "Gastric Dilatation and Volvulus") will die in great pain in a matter of hours unless drastic steps are taken: surgery is normally necessary. The reasons for GDV are currently not understood, however most would agree that multiple small meals per day and preventing vigorous exercise around mealtimes can help reduce the chances of bloat.