New Titles for April 2012
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Dog Title Dog Name Sex
Champion CH Braewynd Stars And Stripes Forever D
Champion CH Creeks Perlwin Summerset's Reaching For The Skye B
Champion CH Deyoungs Siegfried V. Bubba Rondo D
Champion CH Double D's I Can Make Your Bedrock B
Champion CH Dulce Have Dessert First B
Champion CH Dun Roman's Getaway Driver D
Champion CH Harley D. Hardt's Flashback B
Champion CH Hladik's Shaken Not Stirred D
Champion CH Jerdans Southern Belle B
Champion CH Kma U Know U Wanna Play B
Champion CH Kma's A Lil Bit Of Heaven V Icetime D
Champion CH Kma's Shockingly Handsome D
Champion CH Mcemn's Miranda B
Champion CH Moonriver's Have Your Cake And Eat It Too B
Champion CH Overlook's Storybook Hero D
Champion CH Seventh Heavens You Betcha! D
Champion CH Sunstrike D-Day D
Champion CH Thor-Kourt Kutabuv Tserator D
Champion CH Thornhill's Always And Forever B
Champion CH Trew's Luck Be A Lady B
Champion CH Windycity-Orion's Guitar Hero D
Grand Champion GCH CH Ace-Hi's Breakin All The Rules B
Grand Champion GCH CH Alpine's Heaven Sent B
Grand Champion GCH CH DaneDreams Simarron Of Lore D
Grand Champion GCH CH Hauerdane's Don't Bury The Treasure v Caps B
Grand Champion GCH CH Raintree Erinwood Dixie For Heaven's Sake B
Grand Champion GCH CH Wysiwyg's Rapt In Steel D
Companion Dog Maitau's Great Catch For Serendipity CD BN RA D
Companion Dog Von Scheer's Amazin' Raisin CD B
Companion Dog Excellent Laurs My Morgan Horse CDX RA D
Utility Dog Excellent Lazy Days You'Re The One UDX B
Beginner Novice Krw Abw Rise Of The Lycans BN D
Beginner Novice Paraclete Venus Goddess Of Love BN RA B
Beginner Novice TTS Redemption's Prophetic Beginnnings BN RE B
Rally Novice Quigleydownunder RN D
Rally Novice Sir Munson Of Lords Valley BN RN D
Rally Novice Valinor's Black Diamond In The Ruff RN D
Rally Novice Valinor's Isis Rocks The River CD RN B
Rally Novice Willowrun's Chain Of Mischief V Ebj RN B
Rally Advanced CH Davishire's Heart Of Isolde RA D
Rally Advanced Double D Daynakin Fools Gold RA B
Rally Advanced Embrace The Night RA B
Rally Advanced Lee's Greta Put'N On The Ritz RA B
Novice Agility Lazy Days Hooked On A Feeling NA NAJ B
Novice Agility Paquestone Abraham Rolln Thdr NA NAJ D
Novice Agility Sr Chroma Druidess Riddle Me This RN NA B
Open Agility Karma OA OAJ B
Open Agility Preferred Bronc OAP NJP D
Agility Excellent Brinlann's Jump'N Jive At Rolling Thunder! AX NAJ B
Novice Agility Jumper Lazy Days Hooked On A Feeling NAJ B
Agility FAST Novice OTCH MACH2 Sterlings Lazy Days Chntly Lace UDX6 RE NF B
Therapy Dog Dani's Linus Buddy James THD D
Therapy Dog Montcalms Night At The Plaza THD B
Therapy Dog Northwind Flava Floyd RE THD D
Therapy Dog Rebel's Argus Odysseus RN THD D