Great Dane AKC Title Reports
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2014 AKC Titles

Dog Title Dog Name Sex Date
ChampionCH Bayside-Hillside's Classy ChassisB10-May-14
ChampionCH Birkins Fergus Maximus Venti MacchiatoD4-May-14
ChampionCH Capstone's Templar O'NorthwindD25-May-14
ChampionCH Chroma Go Your Own WayB11-May-14
ChampionCH Danu's Atom EveB30-May-14YES
ChampionCH Fendanesylcrest N Eb's Brewed For SuccessB11-May-14YES
ChampionCH Hauderdane's Samson The LionheartD3-May-14
ChampionCH Highesteem What Neet LuckD10-May-14
ChampionCH Hope's Country Kix'N U Know WhatD23-May-14
ChampionCH Jays Black Betty Bam Ba LamB4-May-14
ChampionCH Jerdans Watch Your BackD22-May-14
ChampionCH Lagarada Danehills Winds Of ChangeB30-May-14
ChampionCH Lobato's Little Miss NaughtyB3-May-14
ChampionCH Madison's Mars There Can Be Only OneD4-May-14
ChampionCH Moredane's Y Not Me At TopazD18-May-14
ChampionCH Naples Sanroque Black SwanB12-May-14
ChampionCH Renaissance's Vitruvian ManD18-May-14
ChampionCH Sasdania-Vitag's Fairytale For HauerdaneB17-May-14
ChampionCH Sunquest Rocks At SunstrikeB11-May-14
ChampionCH Von Evans Mnm Brancoda I Believe I WillB26-May-14
ChampionCH Wolfpacks Total Eclipse Of The HeartB24-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH B And K I'M Here For The Party In ParadiseB11-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Brf's Heart And Soul Of Wits' EndD31-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Colras Eb Black ObsessionB9-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Destiny's One Hot ReflectionB16-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Double D's Party Like A RockstarD11-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Lincoln's Forever My Friend At Kibri RNB18-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Northpark Michaeldane Ga's VipD10-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Nuttree's Sloe Gin FizzB25-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Ovd Sir Gustav O'GallowayD2-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Sandale Paj It's Five O'Clock Somewhere CGCD11-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Southwinds Just Havin FunB31-May-14
Grand ChampionGCH Thor-Kourt Killigan KeenokaileyD17-May-14
Companion DogChroma Hi-Stakes Get Off Of My Cloud CD CGCAB3-May-14
Companion DogSterling's Rapt In Blue Mystique V Wysiwyg CD BN PCD REB11-May-14
Utility DogAbbey Road's Bella Vanwilliams UD CGCB31-May-14
Beginner NoviceDavisdane's Lucky To Be Ducky CD BN RA CGCAB3-May-14
Pre-Companion DogAlmosta's Mille Fleur UD PCD REB8-May-14
Pre-Companion DogSterling's Rapt In Blue Mystique V Wysiwyg BN PCD REB3-May-14
Rally NoviceCH Allegro Apoggiatura RN THD CGCD4-May-14
Rally NoviceChroma Hi-Stakes Get Off Of My Cloud CD RN CGCAB4-May-14
Rally NoviceCH Davisdane's El Jefe RND4-May-14
Rally NoviceEio Danes Muse Master Of Mythos RN CGCD18-May-14
Rally NoviceCH Gracynsduo Lost Creek In Wonderland RNB17-May-14
Rally NoviceKnopf's Fire In The Hole RN CGCD25-May-14
Rally NoviceVon Bonehenge's A Touch Of Destiny RN CGCB11-May-14
Rally AdvancedOvd Cj's Black Magic BN RAD3-May-14
Rally Advanced ExcellentCH Ashton's Blonde Ambition CD BN RAE8 NA NAJB18-May-14
Open Agility JumperLazy Days Crystal Blue Persuasion BN RN OAJB16-May-14
Agility FAST NoviceDeluna N Saravilla's Over The Moon BN RN OA OAJ NFD17-May-14
Agility FAST OpenLazy Days Hooked On A Feeling CD RN AX MXJ OFB9-May-14
Coursing AbilityAnakin CA CGCD11-May-14
Coursing AbilityLiberty's Elven Guiding Light CA CGCB3-May-14
Coursing Ability AdvancedLiberty's Elven Guiding Light CAA CGCB31-May-14
Canine Good CitizenAnakin CGCD1-May-14
Canine Good CitizenBam CGCD4-Mar-14
Canine Good CitizenCoon's Bogie CGCD24-May-14
Canine Good CitizenEllenni's That's The Power Of Love CGCD3-May-14
Canine Good CitizenKrw Abw Ride Of The Valkyries CGCB17-May-14
Canine Good CitizenLiberty's Elven Guiding Light CGCB28-Apr-14
Canine Good CitizenLiberty's Genuine Risk RA CGCB30-Apr-14
Canine Good CitizenLittle Nutbrown Hares Fawn Frieda CGCB18-May-14
Canine Good CitizenMaitau N Cosmic Through The Lookin Glass CGCB5-May-14
Canine Good CitizenMonty's Moonstruck Dean CGCD22-Feb-14
Canine Good CitizenOvd Cj's Black Magic BN RA CGCD31-May-14
Canine Good CitizenPadme RN NAP NJP NFP CGCB1-May-14
Canine Good CitizenShabrea's Greatest Hits Cash'N The Ring Of Fire CGCD1-Dec-13
Canine Good CitizenTeufelshund Freyja's Brisingamen CGCB20-Feb-14
Canine Good CitizenThor-Kourt Kallen Krugtyla CGCD18-May-14
Advanced Canine Good CitizenCH Davisdane's Rubber Ducky You'Re The One BN RN CGCAB1-May-14
Therapy DogBecket Love Bug THD CGCD2-May-14




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