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AKC Papers:

If you buy a purebred dog that you are told is eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club (AKC), you are entitled to receive an application form from the seller that will enable you to register your dog.

AKC papers are very important. They set your dog apart, acknowledging its special status as a purebred dog. Even though it may not currently be in your plans, you may find at some later dates that you may want to participate in any of the many events or registry services available through the AKC. To participate, your dog must be AKC registered. In addition, registering your dog provides you with the access to the many resources and materials the AKC has to offer. Because of the time limit restrictions imposed by our rules, it is important that you register your dog before the twelve month expiry date. Late registrations may be considered, provided that all the appropriate papers are in order. A penalty fee will be imposed.

If the registration application is not available at the time you acquire your dog, you must request and receive full identification of your dog in writing signed by the seller, consisting of the breed, registered names and number of the dog's sire (father) and dam (mother), date of birth, name of the breeder and, if available, its AKC litter number. Your dog is not eligible for registration until the litter is registered.

Don't be misled by promises of "papers" later. Demand a registration application form or proper identification as described above. If neither is supplied, don't buy the dog!

AKC Registry:

AKC is a registry body. A registration certificate identifies the dog as the offspring of a known sire and dam, born on a known date. It doesn't indicate the quality or state of health of the dog. You may want to consider taking your dog directly to a veterinarian before taking the puppy home.

Benefits of owning a purebred:

There are many benefits to owning a purebred dog.

  • Purebred dogs are the result of a long process of selective breeding for specific physical attributes and temperaments. When you buy a purebred puppy, you know what to expect as far as size, amount and type of coat, and temperament in the grown dog.

  • When considering a purebred dog, it's possible to narrow down the choices to those with attributes that most clearly fit your personal lifestyle and interests. For example, will the dog be good with your children? Will you have time to groom and exercise the dog properly? There are many breeds to choose from. One is sure to fit your lifestyle!

For more information, or to request a Dog Buyer's Education Packet, write to:

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