Your Trust has recently voted to financially support a two-year Theriogenology (reproductive health) research project to determine the factors that result in optimal sperm production and function in male Great Danes of varying ages. Dr. Stuart Meyers of University of California, Davis, along with his graduate students and assistants, will be working to develop new methods to assess male fertility and to develop new semen additives and methods to cryopreserve dog semen. The expansion of the use of artificial insemination in breeding of pure-bred and purpose-bred dogs has necessitated a new understanding of fundamental metabolic processes by which sperm function can be optimized for storage and for maintaining stud dog fertility. This project will specifically benefit Great Danes as our breed has been under-represented in the limited studies done on sperm function to date. Findings in this study will very likely apply to many other dog breeds, hence, the AKC Canine Health Foundation will be watching and looking into collaborating at a later date as Theriogenology (Canine Reproductive Health) is one of the objectives of the CHF in 2019. The knowledge obtained from this study will be essential to reproductive management and understanding the complex nature of male fertility, benefitting our dogs today as well as in years to come. More information to follow about how you, too, can participate in this endeavor!!!

Cancer Infusion Therapy Research
The Great Dane Club of America Charitable Trust has donated $25,000 to research a new cancer infusion therapy for the treatment of Osteosarcoma in dogs. Based on our support the research group has committed to using great danes in one of their trials. This therapy could cross over into use in humans if it is successful in dogs. Please consider participating in this trial if you have a Great Dane who meets the guidelines. If you have any questions please feel free to contact Gary Nice at the email listed below, any Trustee or Dr. Neil O'Sullivan at

New Canine Infusion Therapy Trial is looking for Great Danes with Metastatic & Non-Metastatic Osteosarcoma. Trial is being conducted in Longview, TX (128 miles east of Dallas TX). Treatments will be twice a week either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday for four weeks and can start very quickly. Best candidates should be within driving distance of Longview, TX. For further information, please contact Gary Nice at In order for a candidate to enter the trial, we must have all documents verifying a diagnosis of the cancer including x-rays and pathology report. Complete health records also will need to be supplied.

Margie Mapleleaf Is Helping to Fund the Infertility Study for Great Danes

It is a GROUP on Facebook.

Margie, lost and disoriented, needs to find her way home. You can do that, and at the same time, support her efforts to help finance studies in Great Dane fertility.

The Charitable Trust decided to partner with Dr. Stuart Meyers of UC Davis Veterinary School. The Trust has voted to fund a 2 year Theriogenology Project (The Study of Canine Reproduction, specifically related to Great Dane males. More details listed in attached article.

This is how you can help us fund this extremely important project!! You can help Margie by donating via our Paypal account:

Get Margie home to Canada and assist in finding answers to infertility at the same time.

P.S. Margie has FOUR doppelgangers wandering around the U.S. as well. Watch for them and be sure to thank them for their work and give them a few dollars.