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Once again George Disney has graciously agreed to spearhead the Rescue Virtual Fundraiser for the GDCA Charitable Trust. He is seeking a suitable wife for himself and a mother for his children. Read The Rules! You must donate via our Paypal account: or send a check to play! One donation per entry. This Fundraiser runs from July 14, 2017 until October 10, 2017.

There will be TWO events:

1) find George Disney a wife for his motherless children, Malachi & Maryjane Disney (The M&M Project) and/or
2) post a photo of a "Mannequin Challenge".

Rules: You MUST make a donation to our Paypal account or send a check to play. Paypal account is Receipt will read Lisa Foltz. She is the Trust Treasurer! All monies, less expenses to Paypal, go directly to the Trust to fund Great Dane rescue. If you send it Friends and Family, there are no fees! Donations can be of any size BUT you must make ONE for each photo posted! There will be special guest appearances by Jayden Smith. Questions, PM to Kathy Toomey, Sallie Cummings or Laurie Lauren Seither. Dale Suzanne Tarbox, Denise Chaboya Matulich, Sandra And Hunter have also reluctantly agreed to help us monitor this page, so be sure and bug them A LOT!