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The GDCA Breeder List is provided as a courtesy to its members and potential buyers. The GDCA or its Officers do not recommend, guarantee, endorse, nor rate breeders, their kennels, or their stock. We also do not examine individual dogs. Buyers beware in all instances.

The GDCA accepts listings from GDCA members in good faith. Buyers should be certain to check all matters relating to registration, health claims, awards or certificates, quality of the dog (adult, puppy or otherwise), stud/puppy agreements with the breeders, sellers or stud owners before making any decision.

The GDCA and its officers, assume no responsibility for the quality, health, or temperament of any dog, nor the warranty, guarantee, integrity, honesty or reliability, either expressed or implied, by any person whose name appears on this list. All such warranties, guarantees and promises are between buyer(s) and seller(s) as individuals. The GDCA promotes and expects fairness in all buyer-seller relationships. We reserve the right to refuse or withdraw any listing without notice of any Breeder that operates using practices in violation of our code of ethics or not in good standing with the GDCA. Listings are only accepted from GDCA members in good standing whose breeding animals have been health tested in hips, thyroid, eyes, and cardio. The results must be registered with OFA and those dogs have received a CHIC certificate from OFA. To learn more about the OFA CHIC program, please go to

Please note that CHIC results do not have to be normal. CHIC is not about normalcy. CHIC is meant to encourage health testing and sharing of all results, normal and abnormal, so that more informed breeding decisions can be made in an overall effort to reduce the incidence of genetic disease and improve canine health.

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