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MACH3 Sr Chroma Druidess Pictsie BN RA MXG MJC MX NAP NJP XF NFP CGC

"Kelda" and Gwen make Great Dane History!

On March 4, 2015 Gwen DeBaere and Kelda, formally-MACH3 Sr Chroma Druidess Pictsie BN RA MXG MJC NAP NJP XF NFP CGC (NW2) (JHD-s) (HTAD-1g)-made history by becoming the first Dane to acquire a MACH3. When the first Dane acquired a MACH,MACH Morgan "Danger" Powers CD,RN GDCA-HOF with Keri Caraher, we were all astounded-this team proved it could be done. We all wondered-could it be duplicated? Soon to follow were MACH Desrtwood's L.V. MR. Bojangles CDX RN and Zee Marie. Gayle Smith went on to prove that not only could a Dane be intelligent-they could also be athletic and went on to have the first OTCH MACH with "Tillie"; OTCH MACH2 Sterlings Lazy Days Chntly Lace UDX6,OM1,RE,MXG,MJC,OF,GDCA-HOF,VA. These great feats were not to be the last as Kelda soon followed (See above titles). But-this was only the beginning. Gayle put a MACH2 on Tillie and then Kelda was not far behind with her MACH2. And now, Kelda and Gwen astound us all with a MACH3. One has to wonder-is there something that makes these teams special? Is there something that makes this team special? If you are unfamiliar with the requirements to attain a MACH click on the following link HERE

OTCH MACH Lazy Days Chntly Lace, RE MX MXJ UDX6 OM1


A new GD record is broken. We have our 3rd Dane to earn an AKC Master Agility Championship as well as our first OTCH / MACH Great Dane

Tilly is owned by Gayle and Mike Smith and bred by Sterling Moffat and Teresa La Brie.

See Tilly's accomplishments and description of titles HERE.

Tilly the Obedience Great Dane

Congratulations Ch. Longo's Miller Noble Legacy CDX, RE
ranked # 4 ALL BREED in Obedience Novice A, as recorded by Front and Finish magazine for the year 2007. Front and Finish is a National publication that creates rankings based on the scores recorded by the AKC Awards across all of the United States. This particular ranking is based on the scores obtained in Novice A within 60 days of receiving the CD title. Reeney was preceded only by two Dobermans and one German Shepherd. She is also currently # 15 in conformation.

HISTORY MADE: First Great Dane achieves the AKC Obedience Trial Championship.

The Obedience Trial Championship is probably one of the most difficult Titles to achieve in the world of Dog Showing. The AKC likens the OTCH to a human completing a PHD. Only dogs that hold the UD degree may compete for the OTCH. Once eligible, the dog must earn 100 points (based on number of dogs in the class and given to class placements). The final requirement the team must meet is to earn three first placements, at least one in each Open and Utility at all breed trials. When competing for an OTCH the dogs compete against current champions – in other words, to become an OTCH, you have to beat the champions to win. An example of it's exclusivity:

In 1996 there were 103,776 obedience trial entries nationally for all breeds. Of these dogs, there was an OTCH awarded for every 1300 entries, or about .08 percent of entries became OTCH for the year. Comparatively, in breed competition that year there was one champion for every 75 entries, across all breeds.

The AKC OTCH program was officially started on July 1, 1977. In these past 29 years, there has never been an OTCH Great Dane. With likely less than 10 danes ever getting any points for OTCH, Gayle Smith and her husband Michael have owned the majority, and now, deservedly have made breed history. Under their Kennel Name of Lazy Days Danes and in the Ohio region, Gayle and Michael have bred, trained and handled several decades of top obedience competition danes, including one of the first UDX danes. They have shown multiple generations of UDX dogs at the same time, and garnered many awards, including representing the breed at the National Obedience Competition, assorted all breed and specialty HIT and HCS, National all breed rankings and GDCA awards.

On 9-3-06 at Tonawanda Valley Kennel Club show in Albion, NY, under judge Jeffrey Shoman, Gayle Smith and "Tilly" became the first Great Dane to be titled an AKC Obedience Trial Champion. Tilly met the requirements and then some, finishing with 101 points and two extra first placements. Tilly won BOTH Open B and Utility B (including a run off for Open B) and went High in Trial and High Combined Score. To date, Tilly and Gayle have a show record of 13 all-breed High Combined Scores(HCS), 8 all-breed High in Trials (HIT), and 2 Specialty HITs. Keep in mind also this young intact bitch has also produced a litter and been shown sparingly in conformation and trained in agilty. And of course Gayle herself has managed to reach these heights in Tilly''s career at the same time she is raising and training two of Tilly's kids (of course Michael factors into this training schedule).

OTCH Sterling Lazy Days Chntly Lace, UDX5, GDCA HOF "Tilly"

Tilly's full name is now:
OTCH Sterling Lazy Days Chntly Lace, UDX5, GDCA HOF
By BISS Ch Sirblue Pinza Western Warrior - Bonel Francesca

Owner: Gayle L & Michael J Smith
Breeder: Sterling Moffat & Teresa K LaBrie.

The Great Dane Club of America, Inc. congratulates Tilly, her owners and her breeders on this wonderful accomplishment! We are all very proud.

Tilly Obedience Great Dane