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Therapy Great Danes
Therapy dogs have to have certain innate temperament traits as well as some good training to succeed. Among the temperament traits necessary are friendliness, gentleness & empathy towards people. Because these traits are very much typical for the Great Dane, this breed makes for a natural therapy dog! Many dedicated teams of Danes with their owners are already out there in the community volunteering & making a difference. Maybe you too would like to share your wonderfully sweet & loving Great Dane with those in need in your town?

Therapy dogs work in all kinds of settings with all sorts of people. Some visit nursing homes, visiting with the elderly. Some go to hospitals and to hospices to visit with the very ill. Some work with children, especially children with disabilities. Some visit our injured soldiers returning from war. Some even work with kids in libraries & schools, helping them to read!

Most of the training skills needed are covered in puppy and basic manners classes. The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) test is the core of most therapy dog tests, which add into that skill set things like familiarization with medical equipment & with those with infirmities. To begin work, the potential therapy dog will typically have to be able to pass every item as listed in this brochure. The dog must be at least a year old to test. The dog's health also has to be certified by a qualified veterinarian annually.

The handler (owner) will have to have the time & motivation to volunteer regularly in their community and will also have to feel comfortable with the chosen "patient population." Training & grooming have to be maintained. Local therapy dog organizations and specific facilities may impose further requirements.

To learn more about therapy dogs, visit the following websites:
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Enjoy the slideshow below of Great Dane who already volunteer in their various communities! I

If you have a certified "Therapy Dane" & want to add his/her photo, please send dog's photo, call name and owners name to

Therapy Dogs

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