TILLY - OTCH MACH Lazy Days Chntly Lace, RE MX MXJ UDX6 OM1
A new Great Dane record is broken! We have our 3rd Dane to earn an AKC Master Agility Championship, as well as our first OTCH / MACH Great Dane.
Presenting Tilly...OTCH MACH Lazy Days Chntly Lace, RE MX MXJ UDX6 OM1
Tilly is owned by Gayle and Mike Smith and bred by Sterling Moffat and Teresa La Brie.
Tilly the obedience Great Dane

The OTCH title requires 100 CH pts based on a schedule AKC publishes and earned by winning or placements in the 2 most advanced Obedience classes - Utility and Open as well as a requirement to win each class a certain amount of times.

The MACH title requires 750 CH pts, based on earning basically one point for each second a dog runs faster than the allowed course time, plus 20 "double Qs" which means qualifying in both Excellent level Standard and Jumpers on the same day - Qualifying meaning to make no mistakes and have no time faults.

AKC's definitions:
MACH titles are awarded based on achieving 750 speed points (by running faster than Standard Course Time) and 20 Double Qualifying Points (by qualifying in the Standard Class and the Jumpers with Weaves Class on the same day).

A article on MACH http://www.akc.org/enewsletter/jrnews/2008/december/mason.cfm

The Obedience Trial Championship (OTCH) title is often referred to as the "PhD" for dogs, is the highest obedience honor a dog can receive. To obtain an OTCH title, a dog and handler team must earn 100 points by placing first, second, third or fourth in the Open B or Utility B class. Three first places must also be awarded from the Open B and Utility B classes.

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