Great Dane Words of Wisdom

Puppy Mills/Brokers/Pet Shops

This Puppy Mills’ website - - so horrifyingly illustrates the inhumanity of mankind, it is difficult to assimilate. Breeds were evolved for a purpose, hence each breed has highly developed instincts. Perpetual cage restriction is untenable. Feeding food that does not cover dietary necessities, neglecting health, broken, twisted bones, abscesses, rotting teeth, is conscienceless. Sheer greed prevails, fed by the “Truck loads” of puppies sold to Pet Shops and Brokers, where they are again placed in cages, awaiting sale to innocent individuals or families, who pay hugely inflated prices for an animal they plan to cherish for the rest of it’s life. Too often that life is short.

Brokers do not breed dogs, they buy litters of puppies from Puppy Mills. Their business is wholesaling these pathetic creatures, enabling “Millers” to continue operations. Older animals, dogs with deformities, no longer of value to the Mills are sold at Auctions, direct from the Mills or by Brokers. The Hunte Corp., one of the largest, buys puppies from Mid West Breeders and resells to Pet Stores Nationally and Overseas. This Broker has been funded in part, by million dollar loans from the USDA. Brokers are covered under “The Animal Welfare Act”, enforced by the USDA, the same Agency charged with inspecting licenced Kennels and Brokers. Is this not paradoxical?. Hunte Corp. Chairman, Andrew Hunte, said “The loans allow us to expand our business. We deal with breeders in several “Midwest States” who can meet our Standard of quality care. Hunte Corp., has exemplary facilities in MO. Puppies are Trucked from the Mills to these facilities, where they are groomed, vetted, vaccinated and sold to Pet Shops Nationwide. Hunte Corp.,gives them good care, nevertheless, they are a successful, recognized Broker, whose income, reported to be $26,000.000 in 2002, is primarily derived from the output of Millers. Puppies must be weaned very young to go through the Hunte checkup to arrive at Pet Shops by average age of 8-10-12 weeks old.

Pet Shops keep the Brokers in business, Millers supply the “Commodity”. Brokers pay a pittance for puppies, most do not have the facilities that made the Hunte Corp., successful. Hundreds of Puppies are trucked long distances, with inadequate care, some die, others so sick on arrival, they are refused. Does the AKC approve of wholesaling puppies? Many Pet Shops say they are AKC registerable.

Should we condone the USDA supporting Puppy Brokers? Tax revenue from such Organizations is in the millions - produced not by the sweat of Mankind, but by the depravity of Mankind, at the expense of living, viable creatures! What civilized Country encourages such? Apparently our Government does. EDUCATE THE PUBLIC - NOT TO BUY AT PET SHOPS, MALLS, AUCTONS. Place on file, or on your website, and send it to anyone interested. Pet Shops selling Puppies must be disbarred - Nationally.


Mrs. Paddy Magnuson,
POB 292 Delhi NY 13753

(Reproduced with permission)