Great Dane Words of Wisdom

Celebrating Your National Specialty

October 20th - 27th 2007

All Daneites will be given the opportunity to participate in a Fabulous week of Danedom - our GDCA National Specialty Show, Futurity, and AKC Performance Events - to be held at the Lancaster Host Resort & Conference Center, Lancaster. PA. (

A Breed National is not just a /Dog Show. It takes tremendous dedication, and over two years of planning to stage such an event. Locating a suitable venue, one that can allocate 300 plus rooms, with an overflow site as close as possible, one that will accept accommodating 500-600 Danes underfoot for a week, is extremely difficult, and that is just the beginning. Then the staging begins, and column space could not possibly cover those awesome endeavors.

Anyone interested in any aspect of Danedom, especially new aficionados of the breed, will benefit enormously from attending a National Specialty. It is an exhibition of 100 plus years of breeder participation, and productivity, toward producing the perfect Great Dane, as per the Standard, established by our forebears in 1889. One is witness to aspiring youngsters attempting to get their paws imprinted, young dogs and bitches gaiting their way through the classes to become the best of the rest, and join the Great ones in the BOB ring. Studs and brood bitches with proof of their productivity by their side. Danes participating in Obedience, Rally and Agility Trials, distinguishing themselves, with their masterly command of the verbal and body language of their handlers, racing through the Obedience/Rally exercises, or gliding through the Agility course with the fluidity and lissomness of an antelope. Their intelligence and athleticism decimating, for all time, the long worn pathos of stupidity and second class citizenship classification once placed on all Danes participating in events other than Conformation.

In addition to having 500-600 of the top Danes in the Country parade before one's eyes, many educational events are presented, seminars on Health issues, Alternative Medicines,; Judges Education, etc., plus Puppy Playpen and Obstacle Course fun events are often included.

A friend, who attended her first National Show last year, kindly, gave me her impressions. "I was thrilled, and a little Star Struck, meeting so many, well known, knowledgeable breeders, and "put a face to a name". To have "hands on" contact with so many Danes I admired from Magazine Photos, leading to the realization that photography does not always do justice, while it can also misrepresent. Multiple times, I just sat down ringside, trying to encapsulate the total scenario, the Venue, the people, the dogs, the edification of it all, and to grasp the incredible commitment, time and work, it must take for the GDCA, and the Affiliate Clubs responsible each year, to orchestrate such a magnificent event. It was an enlightening, educational and Fun Week"Also, was glad I had a credit card, as the vendors were second to none and the shopping was 'to die for'!"

Long time since I attended my first GDCA National Show and Futurity, back in the early '70s, and held in conjunction with the Westchester Kennel Club Show, in New York. 178 -200 exhibits was considered a large entry, and compared to our present "National Extravaganza," it was, indeed, "just another Dog Show."


Mrs. Paddy Magnuson,
POB 292 Delhi NY 13753

(Reproduced with permission)