Great Dane Words of Wisdom


In a discussion about Judges, it was said, and I quote "some people are not "politically Correct" for some judges". Had never heard this terminology applied to judges heretofore, so emailed a number of exhibitors, including some judges, and asked for their definition of "Politically Correct" when applied to our world of dog shows. The majority of answers received believed it applied to judges; individuals; exhibitors; handlers who, depending on their activity with the world of dog shows, gained recognition into an "inner-circle" environment, through dog club functions, attending social events, donations, advertising, campaigning etc., thereby obtaining major "input" into Club activities, a "voice" in selection of judges, judging assignments, etc., etc.

Has the "Politically Correct Syndrome" really become a part of our Show World? Could we have lost our prospective to that extent? Is influence effecting selection of judges? Are some judges and judging influenced by the winning statistics? Has having one's name on the papers, and "campaigning" a dog to the top 20 and beyond, become more rewarding than breeding ad raising a beautiful, structurally sound Dane that will perpetuate our Standard?

We should face the fact that AKC Dog Show events, operating under AKC rules, is no longer a hobby/sport. It is a Successful business Organization that over the years, has grown in stature and structure, with numerous offshoots forming along the way, creating gainful, prosperous occupations and lifestyles for many. The AKC and the affiliated National breed clubs, for the most part, are financially stable entities. Breeding and showing dogs, especially the larger breeds, has become a very expensive avocation, and it is often "the American Way" - when one reaches the higher echelons of success, affluence does instigate influence.

Affluence may beget influence - it surely does not beget betterment of our breed.

Mrs. Paddy Magnuson,
POB 292 Delhi NY 13753

(Reproduced with permission)